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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Portrait Workshop This Weekend

I've been the gypsy itinerant artist in my travels from Idaho. It's been wonderful to connect with family and friends, collectors and fellow artists.

I was also able to see the Sorolla show in Dallas on this trip. His paintings were instructive and inspiring. In addition to a number of his large paintings, some of his charcoal sketches and miniature studies were shown. I especially enjoyed the sketches, some of which were little more than gesture studies for planning the figures in a larger seaside painting composition with children running in the surf.

Additionally, I've been fortunate to find some Open Studio sessions to work from live models so I can stay in practice and enjoy the camaraderie of other artists. One of the places I've been hanging out is Geatches Art Studio in Oklahoma City. I wish I'd known about it 50 years ago. This was where Sherrie McGraw studied before she ventured to Art Students League in New York.

I've been asked to teach a portrait workshop this coming weekend before I head back to the great white north. I'll be doing demos from live models and teaching how to capture a likeness in charcoal and then in oil. You can find more information about the class at this link.