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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Twisting" Charcoal Study

Charcoal/chalk on Canson paper
16”x12”  unframed
©2012 Diana Moses Botkin


Paper with orange or red color works especially well as a background with the charcoal and chalk technique, I think. I do enjoy working with a variety of paper colors and probably use grey most often. But the red background adds some realistic color to the figure which is quite lovely, don't you think?

The title of this piece reminds me of Sam Cooke's song. Does it for anyone else?


hmuxo said...

I've never used anything but grey paper...but you're so right, Diana!!
the red background is perfect for this figure painting!! She's beautifully painted!!! LOVE the red paper.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

You did a wonderful job of getting the twist of the torso just right. Very complex so congratulations!

Ruth Andre said...

Yes, the red paper is beautiful with the drawing. These last two drawings are just gorgeous.

Bianca Reumer said...

What a magnificent drawing! The drawing is beautiful on the red paper. Have a nice day!


Trine said...

Each one is better than the previous sketch. Keep sketching, please